Coils & Rba’s

Coils : (Coils & Rba’s)

The atomizer has something inside which is called the atomizer head
but most of you heard it and referre to it as an atomizer coil.
An electronic cigarette in order to work needs to make contact betweent the battery
and the cartomizer/clearomize. Meaning the side of the baterry needs to get in
contact with the liquid thereby vaporizing the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled.
The coil do just that . The heating element in your atomizer,
cartomizer, or clearomizeris the coil.


First of all Rba’s stands for Rebuildable Atomizer. This is how you can describe
rebuildables that are not tank systems but rather dripping. Furthermore these ones have a tank that holds e-liquid and are mainly used with vertical stainless steel mesh wick. Some will require, due to their design, a specific shape or even specific coil and/or wicking material,
but for the most part it’s builders choice,hence the name “rebuildable atomizer”