Charger Lii-260 Digital 2 Slots


Charger Lii-260 Digital 2 Slots


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Lii-260 Digital 2 Slots

Charger Lii-260 Digital

First of all, this is a charger.
The batteries that is suitable for are 3.7V Li-ion cylindrical.
The also have to be rechargeable.
They also need to be of a specific size.
The size should be between 0-26mm in diameter and of 34-68mm height.
Secondly, it is capable of charging two batteries of different size.
It can also charge with different capacity at the same time.
Furthermore the independent optional charging current is of 500mA/1000mA.
Another factor is that it can charge and discharge modes.
Therefore due to the the discharge, you can test the batteries.
The test will show you the maximum capacity.
It seems like the LCD displays not only the charging current but also the voltage capacity.
You can also see the impedance and the charging time.

Most noteworthy is that it has many protections.
Therefore you have over current and short circuit protection.
You also have battery polarity reverse connection protection.
Especially relevant is that it automatically stops charging when complete.
And finally one spring car charger cable is also included.

Charger Lii-260 Digital Specifications:

Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Input: DC 12V 1.5A
Output: 4.2V 0.5A/1A x2
Discharge: 0.5A
Charging current: 500mA / 1000mA
Termination mode: Intelligent voltage monitoring
Power adapter: EU Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 12V 1.5A
Car charger cable: 70cm / 2.3ft (max.)
Item size: 12.5 x 6 x 2.5cm / 5 x 2.4 x 1in
Item weight: 116g / 4.1oz

Package items:

Battery charger
Power adapter (EU)
Car charger cable
Manual(English & Chinese)


Do not use the battery if:

First: It has rust or corrosion on it
Second: If the wrap has been damaged even if it’s a small nick
Third: The wrap is peeling off
Forth: It is bulging
Fifth: It is giving off an odor
Sixth: It feels hot to the touch
Last: Anything doesn’t look, smell, or seem right

The batteries in the picture are not included.

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