Dinner Lady Orange Tart 60ml


Dinner Lady Orange Tart 60ml

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Dinner Lady
Orange Tart 60ml

Dinner Lady Orange Tart specifics:

Brand : Dinner Lady
Model :Dessert Range
Type : E liquid
Specific : Only flavor
Size of e liquid  :  25ml
Bottle size : 60ml
Flavor : Orange tart
PG/VG : 70/30


First of all this is one of the very known brands the Dinner Lady.
Because the Lemon tart flavor is a big success, Dinner Lady brings a twist, the orange tart.
A sweet orange flavor is given you when you inhale,.
And while exhaling it will leave you with a smooth and cream taste.
For all vapers that loved the Lemon tart this will be one their favorites too..

Another important  factor is that by ordering, you will get a 25ml of PURE Flavor Of Orange tart.
The Pure flavor comes in  a 60ml bottle.
Because is a Mix And Shake e liquid you will also need the Glycerin Base and the nicotine booster which is optional.
As a result, in the 60 ml bottle you will have space to combine those three.
Most noteworthy is that this is a Premium e liquid and is high quality .

Packing items:

1 x Dinner Lady Orange tart

Note :

Most noteworthy is that this is a mix and shake e liquid.
Therefore this is only one of the three thing that you are going to need.
One of the two is optional.
As a result, this is only the PURE flavor which main in a shake and vape liquid.
Therefore, in order to have a finished e liquid, you are going to need the other main ingredient , the glycerine.
The Glycerine is easily found here.
Another thing that you are going to need is the nicotine booster.
Because some vapers are down to 0mg The nicotine is optional .
Therefore, you don’t need it to complete the e liquid.
But if you want you can find it here.


Dinner Lady

Only one company can serve nostalgia in a bottle. International vaping company in 80 countries. The home of Lemon Tart. Global award-winning e-liquid.Vape Dinner Lady has a wide range of tasty dessert flavoured


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