Micro Coil jig rda atomizer

Micro Coil jig rda atomizer


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Micro Coil jig electronic cigarette rda atomizer
wick wire Coil Tool Wick Jigs Wrapping Coil
Screwdriver For RDA RBA Atomizers

Item specifics : DIY tool Micro Coil

Brand Name: Glotech
Compatible Model: rda atomizer
Material: Metal
Model Number: Coil jig

Stainless Steel Coil Tool Micro Coil Wick Jigs Wrapping Coil

Screwdriver For DIY RDA RBA Atomizers Micro Coiler Gig


First of all this is a screwdriver For RDA RBA Atomizers.
Because it is made by stainless steel it supports heat .
Furthermore it is a DIY tool.
For all the new vapers, DIY stands for Do It Yourself.
Therefore this is Micro Metal Master Vape Tool Coil jig wick wire.
Finally it will help you Wrap winder kit rebuildable atomizer and also Rda atomizer.

Specifications of Coil Jig :

Model : Rda coil jig
Material : Stainless steel
Types : Wrap coil Tools
Length : 100mm
Diameter : 1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm and 3.5mm


1 x coil jig

DIY tool Micro Coil

First of all do it yourself tools are made for any RDA RBA RTA or RDTA atomizers.
That is because for all these atomizers you need to build your own coils.
Furthermore this is just one off the tools that your going to need.
Other tools are the tweezers, the cutter, the wire and also the meter.
Another important thing is the cotton that goes at the end.
Most noteworthy is that is highly recommended to be fully informed before you use any of these tools.
Because if they are not use properly it can damaged you mod and also other consequences can follow.
Finally with this tool you can wrap different kind of coils with different sizes as well.


Before rebuilding a new coil please make sure that your information source does not end here.
Feel free to go all over the internet and watch videos.


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