EGo CE4 Ego-T Starter Kit Electronic


EGo CE4 Ego-T Starter Kit Electronic


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EGo CE4 Ego-T Starter Kit
Electronic Cigarette 1.6ml Atomizer
900 Battery E-Cig ego Zipper Carry Case Kits

Item details : EGo CE4 Ego-T Starter Kit

First of all this is the most popular electronic cigarette starter kit .
It is a older version and everybody knows it for different reasons.
Probably because it is also one of the cheapest ones.
Another factor is that they are very easy to be used.
It is a full kit and all you need to do is to put some e_liquid.
Therefore you have everything for under 25 euros.
Furthermore it is made of metal and it comes in multiple colors.
The really nice case includes three things
Therefore you have a rechargeable battery, refillable tank and USB charger.

Especially relevant is that is cheaper than other vape pens.
And also the pen doesn’t rely on pre-filled juice cartridges with limited flavors.
Therefore you have everything you need to start vaping.
Finally it has only one button from which you can also turn it off or on.
All you have to do is simply pressing it quickly five times.

Item specifics:

Brand Name: EGO
Model Number: CE4 Atomizer ego-T Battery ego Zipper Bag Electronic Cigarette Kits
Compatible Model: CE4 Ego-T EVOD All 510 E Cigarette
Type: EGO
Material: Metal
Good Quality : The Best Starter Kits
Ego Battery: High Quality More Safe E Cigarette Battery
A Level Battery Inside: Good Quality CE4 Atomizer
E-Cig Charger: Good Quality Liquid Bottle
Electronic Cigarette Bag: Nice Ego Zipper Carry Case


Package: ego Zipper Carry Case (Black Bag)

CE4 atomizer 1 x Ego T battery ,USB Charger
Empty Small Bottle


Most noteworthy is that you need to know how to refill it.
There are two steps in order to refill it.
First you need to remove the tank and then turn upside down and
After that you need to unscrew the base piece.
Second you need to add the juice.
Please avoid the center of the tube and not overfill it.

For coil press here :

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Black, Blue, Green, silver


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