Electronic Cigarette EVOD MT3 kit


Electronic Cigarette EVOD MT3 kit


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EVOD MT3 blister
Electronic Cigarette
kit MT3 Atomizer evod battery vs ego ce4

Item specifics: EVOD MT3 blister

First of all this is MT3 blister kit and it comes with a MT3 atomizer.
Furthermore the Evod battery is unable to adjust the voltage.
It has only the fire button.
From there you can turn it off or on, and vape.
Therefore this makes it just perfect for the new vapers.
In order to turn the electronic on or off you just need press the button five times.
Another factor is the capacity of the atomizer is 1.5ml.
The atomizer has also a resistance of 2.4ohm.
Finally the electronic comes in a big number of colors.
Here you can find the three classic colors.
Therefore you can order it in blue black or silver.


EVOD blister atomizer:

Short wick,bottom oil
Capacity: 1.6ml
Full puffs: 800 puffs
Available colors: Silver, black,blue
Size: 68 x 13mm 22g

EVOD MT3 blister battery:
1.working voltage:3.3-4.2v
2.Battery life:more than 300 times
3.Its voltage is not changeable
4.Puffs per full 650mah battery:900puffs

Packaging: EVOD MT3 blister
1x mt3 atomizer
1 x 650mah or 900mah or 1100mah evodbattery , usb charger


First of all this one of the old versions of electronic cigarettes.
Because of the old technology in order to recharge it you need to remove the atomizer.
After that the small charger which is included in your package needs to be attached in its place.
Finally you need to plug into your adapter or computer.
Another thing that you need to know is that there are two steps in order to refill it.
First you need to remove the tank and then turn upside and unscrew the base piece.
Second you need to add the juice avoiding the center of the tube and not overfill it.

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Black, Blue, silver

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