Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman


Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman

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Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman
60ml Mix and Shake

Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman:

Brand: Sir Paman
VG/PG: 70/30
Size: 60ml
Bottle A:  20ml with the flavor
Bottle B: 30ml with the Glycerin Base
Flavor: Fruit Blast
Strengths: 0mg. or any other


First of all this is a new brand which is named Sir PaMAn.
The brand and its products are all made in Cyprus.
Sir pa man is new but its chemist are very experienced.
Because of the vape fever, the best chemist in Cyprus got together,
and contributed in making an amazing collection of Vape juice.
They even asked vapers for ideas in flavors.
As a result, with their experience and vapers ideas this collection of e liquids is perfect.
In addition the collection contains five different and very powerful flavors.

Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman Flavor:

First of all this is one of the five flavors from the collection.
Fruit blast is a combination of very refreshing fruits.
It all starts with kiwi, strawberries and apple while you inhale.
Therefore it will give you a nice re-freshness in your mouth.
Furthermore, when you vape out, an explosion of a variety of fruits will overwhelm you.
Finally, the fruit blast is perfect for any vaper.


Mix it and Shake it:

Mix it and shake it is a new way of selling the vape juice.
There are plenty of brands that does the e liquid this way now.
Because it might sound complicated for some,
I can assure you though that it can be easily explained and made.
Furthermore it also has a bit of a twist and i will explain it a bit further.
The sir paman is made of a package (box) where can be found two bottles in it.
First bottle A, which contains 20ml of pure flavor.
Second is the bottle B which contains 30 ml of glycerin base.
As in the title is said, the e liquid is shake and make.
Therefore, in order to get to the final step of the vaping the juice,
you have to make it yourself.

How to mix it:

First step is to take the bottle A and unscrew the lid from the top.
After that remove the nozzle as well.
Second step is to take bottle B, and unscrew the lid.
Then you all you have to do is to empty the bottle B into the bottle A.
Especially relevant is that you have to leave some air for the third step.
Therefore Do Not full the bottle A, leave some space.
You should fill it until the bottle curve STARS where the lip goes on.
Third step you have to put the nozzle back on bottle A.
After that you screw firmly back the lid.
That is in order for no liquid to drip while shaking it.
And last, you start shaking it very well and also intensely.
The shaking should be for at least one minute.

The twist in the shake :

First of all as i promised about i will explain the twist.
The twist in this vape juice is the nicotine level.
As you already may have notice, at the beginning of the text
where it describes the nicotine level it says 0mg or any other.
The 0mg is because in the two bottles there is not a drop of nicotine.
Therefore if you buy the e liquid and do as written above you will have 60ml nicotine free.
For those who prefer their vape juice with nicotine there is a very easy trick.
There are small bottles of 10ml with nicotine.
Many people recognize them as nicotine shots.
Furthermore each bottle contain 3mg nicotine lever.
Finally any other nicotine level can be easily put into the vape juice.
Therefore you can have 3mg 6mg or 9mg or any other which is preferable to you.

How to mix the nicotine with the Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman:

First of all it is very easy to use the nicotine shot.
All you have to do is to add another step to your shake and make part.
Therefore you will start by making the first step.
Start with bottle A and unscrew the lid from the top.
After removing the nozzle as well, you go to the nicotine level step.
You unscrew the lid from the 10ml nicotine shot bottle.
All you have to do is to turn the liquid into the big bottle A.
The following step is as you know it with the Glycerin Base bottle B.
Just empty the bottle B into the bottle A.
And finally shake it for at least a minute firmly. (you can find more details above)
As a result, you will have the 60ml Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman with 3mg nicotine.

Where to find nicotine shot:

First of all the nicotine shot is very easy to be found.
You can find it online here of course at vapemodbox.
Another place that it can be found is at your local vape store.
Most of vape shop have them because of the new way of the e liquids shake and make.
Finally if you are from Cyprus or as a tourist here you can find it at 7to11 shop.
There you can also find Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman and all other four from the collection.

Packing items:

1x Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman


If you want you Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman in 6mg, just add two nicotine shots instead of one.


The 60ml Sir Paman Shake and vape Bottle contains 25ml of concentrated perfume, which is enough to produce 60 ml e-liquid.

1.Add the nicotine of your choice.  

For 3mg nicotine you need: 10 ml of nicotine base and 25 ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

For 6mg nicotine you need: 20ml of nicotine base and 15ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

For 9mg nicotine you need: 30ml of nicotine base and 5ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

2.Fill the bottle up to the top.


3.Shake well and let the contents mature.




Sir Paman

Is the best tasting and best quality e-liquid nicotine you can buy. The sir Paman e-liquids are produced from the finest European ingredients and made in a diy e liquid cyprus

2 reviews for Fruit Blast vape juice Sir Paman

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great flavor. Makes you pucker.This is SO GOOD!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Love these liquids. They last well and taste great without an after taste. Some other products hang around in the back of your throat but these don’t. Definitely my favourite brands.

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