Just e juice Pear Just Collection from Sir Paman


Just e juice Pear Just Collection from Sir Paman

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Just e juice Pear
Just Collection from Sir Paman ,cyprus eliquids

Just e juice Pear specifics :

Brand : Sir Paman
Model : Just collection
Type : E liquid
Specific : Only flavor
Size of e liquid  :  25ml
Bottle size : 60ml
Flavor : Pear


First of all most wanted e liquid brand since 2016,
Sir Paman came with a new collection of e liquids.
This collection brings you a variety of new amazing flavors.
Furthermore there are fifteen different flavors that you can choose from in this collection.
Another factor is that the flavors are actually very simple, but yet very tasteful.
As a result the name of the Sir Paman new Collections is JUST.
The Just collection brings us back to the basic taste of original fruit flavors and not only.
Therefore the simplicity of the e liquid just collection will bring you nothing less than juicy and rich flavor.

One of the best flavor is actually the pear.
That is because it has an amazing combination of flavors by its own.
Therefore you will get a mild and sweet taste with this e liquid.
But also with subtle and fragrant citrus notes in the taste.
As a result this flavor of e liquid is JUST perfect for any vaper.

Most important is the fact that this is a really high quality e liquid.
Furthermore, Sir Paman is extending every day more and more all over the world.
Therefore, high quality e liquid, Sir Paman Just can easily get to you.

Just e juice Pear Just e juice Pear Just e juice Pear

What does Promotion Price means?

Sir Paman wants you to try all flavors from this new collection.
Therefore, you are going to buy them at a promotion price.
That means that you are buying the Just Flavor at a very low price but for only a period of time.
As a result, it can be yours for only eight EUROS.

Packing items:

1x Just e juice Pear Sir Paman 60ml bottle (25ml pure flavor )

Just e juice Pear Sir Paman Note:

Most noteworthy is that this is a mix and shake e liquid.
Therefore this is only one of the three thing that you are going to need.
One of them is optional.
As a result, this is only the PURE flavor.
Therefore, in order to have a finished e liquid you are going to need the glycerine.
The Glycerine is easily found here.
Another thing that you are going to need is the nicotine booster.
Because some vapers are down to 0mg The nicotine is optional .
Therefore, you don’t need it to complete the e liquid.
But if you want you can find it here.




The 60ml Sir Paman Shake and vape Bottle contains 25ml of concentrated perfume, which is enough to produce 60 ml e-liquid.

1.Add the nicotine of your choice.  

For 3mg nicotine you need: 10 ml of nicotine base and 25 ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

For 6mg nicotine you need: 20ml of nicotine base and 15ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

For 9mg nicotine you need: 30ml of nicotine base and 5ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

2.Fill the bottle up to the top.


3.Shake well and let the contents mature.



Sir Paman

Is the best tasting and best quality e-liquid nicotine you can buy. The sir Paman e-liquids are produced from the finest European ingredients and made in Cyprus.is a diy e liquid cyprus

1 review for Just e juice Pear Just Collection from Sir Paman

  1. 5 out of 5

    The flavor matches the name quite well, very refreshing vape.Sweet & smooth,. Will definitely order this one again.

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