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glo hyper plus | PAPHOS

Glo™ Hyper+ Gold

glo™ Hyper+ is available with 4 different colors which combines advanced tobacco heating technology with its stylish and unique design!

  • Satisfying experience from beginning to end with advanced tobacco heating technology Zero burn. Zero ash. 100% tobacco satisfaction*
  • Up to 3 sessions in a row
  • Ready to use in just 15 seconds with Boost technology that offers an intense tobacco session
  • The order have to be received by a person who is 18+ and delivery will be conditional upon providing ID to prove age to delivery representative.
*Heats tobacco, without burning. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.
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Boost Function


Maximum Heating

270°C- Standard Mode
250°C- Standard Mode

Ramp-up time

15 secs- Boost Mode
20 secs-Standard Mode

Session Length

3 mins- Boost Mode
4 mins- Standard Mode

Charging time

up to 3.5 hours

Charging time depends on the power source the plug is connected to