Universal Charger

Universal Charger


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18650 battery Charger Universal Charger
for Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
18650 18350 Battery US/EU charger

universal charger 18650 18350 description:

First of all this is an Universal Battery Charger.
It is also very useful at home.
Furthermore this Wall AC Multi functional/Universal Battery Charger.
Same as any battery charger it is designed to charge your batteries quickly and safely.
Because of that is has a wide range of charging voltage.
Therefore its input is AC100-240V/47-63HZ.
Furthermore its Termination voltage is 4.2V+-1%.
Most noteworthy the compatible batteries for this charger must have a size of 69mm x 33mm.
There are also other sizes that can easily be charged.
Such as AA, AAA 14500, 16340, 17335, 17500, 17670, 18500, and also 18650.
Basically any measurements that are between 18650 and 18350.
Finally this charger is perfect for you and your batteries.

Item size: 100 x 40 x 30mm
Net weight: 50g
Color: Black

Packing items:

1x universal charger

universal charger 18650 18350

First of all the battery name is actually the battery size.
Therefore this charger is compatible for batteries that have at + sign 18mm the lengh of the battery of 65mm and the – sign 0mm.
And also 18350 which has at the + sign 18mm the lengh of the battery of 35mm and the – sign 0mm.
Furthermore it is important the type that you choose.
That is because the electrical outlet is different in some continent and countries.
Therefore you have the option to choose between US United States and EU Europe.
It is best to order the one suitable for yours.
Finally it is very easy to function it.
All you have to do is to put in the plug and insert the proper batteries.


Please remember that this is a charger and the batteries that you charge should be in perfect condition.


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