Golisi Needle 2 Smart USB Charger

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The Golisi Needle 2 is a compact 2-slot charger. The loading spring is compatible with most cylinder-shaped rechargeable batteries.

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Golisi Needle 2
Smart USB Charger

USB Charger Details:

First of all this is the Golisi Needle 2 and is a Smart compact USB Charger.
Because it has 2 slots it can charge 2 batteries at the same time.
Furthermore it is compatible with almost all types of cylinder-shaped rechargeable batteries.
Finally, it comes in the classic black color.


Golisi Needle 2 Specifics:

Case materials: ABS , PC and also Fire proof
Input voltage: DC 5V /1A
Output current: 0.5A each slotPower port: USB
Short circuit, Over current and also the Reverse connection protection
Battery compatibility
: Li-ion 18650, 21700, 26650 Ni-mh , Ni-cd , AAA and also AA

almost all types of cylinder shape rechargeable batteries

Working temperature: 0-40℃

Golisi Needle 2 Features:

  • LED indicator light
  • USB power port
  • Military-grade loading spring
  • ABS/PC fireproof case
  • 2 battery slots


Golisi Needle 2 Packing Items :

  • Golisi Needle 2 2A
  • Sony 18650 VTC6 High-drain Li-ion Battery 30A 3000mAh