Vape juice Guerrilla Pineapple Soda 60ml

Vape juice Guerrilla Pineapple Soda 60ml



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Vape juice Guerrilla
Pineapple Soda 60ml

 Vape juice Guerrilla Details:

Brand : Guerrilla
Model : Pineapple Soda
Type : E liquid
Specific : Only flavor
Size of e liquid : 10ml
Bottle size : 60ml
Flavor : pineapple with lemon soda and icing

Pineapple Soda Details:

First of all this is a flavor from Guerrilla Flavor company.
You can enjoy amazing new flavors by Guerrilla .
Because of the really hot summers, vapers need a more refreshing e juices.
Therefore, the pineapple soda is what you need.
With a combination for pineapple and lemon soda, will give you an amazing vaping experience.
Also, the icing at the end will give you refreshment at every vapor.
Finally this is the perfect flavor for those who love a icing taste.

Pineapple Soda Packing Items:

  • Gorilla bottle 60ml ( empty )
  • Small 10ml bottle with pure flavor
  • Sticker for the 60ml bottle


Guerrilla e liquid Note:

In order for your e liquid to be complete you are going to need :

  1. nicotine booster
  2. And also Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  3. More Guerrilla flavor Red Spot



Guerrilla Flavor


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