Vape Tweezers


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Vape Tweezers
Wrapping Coil Adjustment

Vape Tweezers specifics:

Model Number: V8 Tweezers
Material: Plastic and Ceramic
Type: DIY tool
Model Number: Vape V8 Ceramic Tweezers
Compatible Model: RDA, RBA, RTA, RDTA
Color: red


First of all this is a DIY tool.
For those who does not know, DIY stands for Do It Yourself.
Therefore some vapers prefer to do their coils on their own,
Furthermore this tweezers it will help you rebuild your coil.
Because it heat resistant you can replace your coil even though is still hot.
The size of the spanner is of 7 x 27mm and the ceramic part of it is replaceable.
Because is ceramic it can get hot after the coil building therefore you have to be careful.
Finally you should not leave it at children’s reach an also Do not use the tweezers out of application limit which may break the tips.

Packing Items:

1 x VapeTweezers



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