Shopping Cart

First of all this is an online Shopping Cart.
An electronic commerce tool which it is also known as a software or service is the definition.
This is the user interface is mostly for the customers that shop online.
Furthermore it allows the customer to place the items inside.
After that they can order and pay for them later.
For example, imagine that you are at a supermarket.
There you put your items into a “cart”.
You carry them to the cash desk.
And afterwords you pay for all the items that you wanted.
That is how the shoppingcart works in a way.
Therefore, the cart will help you to create a list online, temporary.
And at the end pay for them.
Finally you can also export items from your shoppingcart and not only import.


VAPE MOD BOX is an online store.
You can find here different types of electronic cigarettes and accessories and more products that are in this category.
Because of the different ways of you can order, the cart_bar will be very helpful.
It will give you time to think and after making a decision you can place your most wanted order.
Finally you can find vape mod box not only online but also a vape shop which can be found in Paphos Cyprus.

Purpose for the shopping cart :

First of all online shopping sometimes can be tricky.
Plenty of online shopping systems where developed in order to make things easier for customers .
ShoppingCarts is one of them.
Therefore the main purpose is to please customers.
Because of that you van calculate easily the amount of money that your going to spend.
Some sites ( NOT VAPE MOD BOX ) gives you the price and at the end of the order will make you pay extra VAT.
With the cart it will be automatically calculated with the VAT inside the price.
Finally you can also see your order history.